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After 15 years as a lecturer running the Music Management & Studio Production degree course, I decided to return to full-time music production. I had seen on Discogs how much some of our vinyl was now worth second hand and the passion that people had for the label.

In 2017 I started transferring all our original masters to digital; there were hundreds of DAT digital tapes and several hundred pages of notes, documents, contracts etc. from the archive.

I also started scanning all the original sleeves and labels from the complete vinyl set of our 90s releases.

When everything was ready, I contacted James Sammon and (almost) the first thing he said was “You gotta reissue Alfredo on vinyl!” James’ help was, and is, invaluable to Disco Magic UK. He helped establish the link between the “Italian” roots of the label and its firm “UK” presence and identity (as I discussed on page 91).

The pre order campaign for the Alfredo reissue in early 2018 was extremely successful and resulted in two vinyl releases: one with the full reissue of the original mixes, and another one which combined the original Piano Mix on one side with a brand new 2018 remix by UK producer Shaun Lever, bridging 25 years of Disco Magic UK history.

Since then there have been 18 vinyl releases, 25 CDs and the complete set of 200+ tracks in our current catalogue remastered and available for digital download.

We do not use any outside distributors and sell directly from our two webstores: for the physical product and for our digital downloads.

As well as reissuing back catalogue on vinyl, we also support contemporary UK producers who keep Piano House alive in the 21st Century.


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You can find all our latest vinyl, CD, USB and digital releases on the Disco Magic UK webstore:

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