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By the middle of 1993, Disco Magic UK had reissued many Italian Piano House classics with others such as A.S.H.A. “JJ Tribute” and Jinny “Keep Warm” also on the way.

By visiting Discomagic Italy every month, I was now aware of all the latest releases and none of them were Piano House… Italian labels and producers were now concentrating on techno, trance and garage house. If I wanted new Piano House material I would have to commission it directly from the producers.

As mentioned in the section “Italian & UK Producers”, Mario Percali and Edoardo Milani were the first ones on board and other producers I met said they would speak to friends and let me know if they had any suitable unreleased material…

The first exclusive release, for which we held worldwide rights, was the A-side of DMX 027 “ARKANOID”. The “Get a Super!!!” Electric Choc Remix and Fast Forward Mix were in fact new tracks that were produced for us by Edoardo Milani. This was a very popular release and nowadays commands big prices second hand (we reissued the main track on vinyl in 2018 as part of the “Anniversary EP” with its correct title, Electric Choc “I’m in Love”).

For our first full exclusive release, I decided to create a new series which emphasised the fact that these were original tracks, never before available on import or elsewhere, and for which we had worldwide rights. The name I chose was “Disco Magic Worldwide” shortened to DMW for the label logo. Since all our catalogue numbers ended in “X”, this series became “DMWX”.

There were no plates to reuse in Italy, so we decided to press this series in the UK and the first one, DMWX 3199 Kristaal “No Longer” (produced by Mario Percali) was cut in Soho at Porky’s cutting studio and pressed by ASL in London around September 1993.

The labels were printed in Italy and shipped over and the sleeves were just plain black disco bags.

The original master DAT of “No Longer” had two mixes plus the instrumental but I felt we also needed an extended mix for the A side. Ther was no way in 1993 to edit the master on a home computer without expensive professional software and hardware so I hired an edit studio to extend the “Original Mix” by adding parts of the instrumental. Amazingly this was done on an Atari ST with external hard drives. Every edit took several minutes to update and there was no undo! Eventually, after many hours I created the “Full Action Mix” – that’s why it says “mixed by Roland”!

It sold really well but the cost of pressing in the UK was just too high. Not because prices in the UK were generally high, but because we had such generous discounts for quantity in Italy that it made it still worth it to press them over there and ship them over. Pressing in Italy also allowed us to have custom sleeves printed for the DMWX series and different, matched colours for sleeves and labels that would have been impossible to afford in the UK.

By December 1993 we had two more exclusive releases ready to be cut and pressed in Italy: DMWX 3200 Ga.Va. Co. “Show Me” and DMWX 3201 Alfredo “Action!”. For both producers, this was the very first record they had ever released. Both were pressed at Astro Record in December 1993, just before Christmas, and were shipped to the UK in January.

Before going ahead with the full press, I asked the factory for 6 white label test pressings of each, because the previous record we had cut in Italy (”JJ Tribute”) had the first couple of notes cut off and we wanted to make sure that our next two DMWX releases were perfect. I collected the test pressings while I was in Italy for Christmas, listened to one of them to check all was OK and then left them in Italy among my vinyl collection.

These white labels of Alfredo are now the most sought after vinyl among all of Disco Magic UK’s releases. They remained safely in Italy for 25 years until 2018 when I rediscovered them while going through my vinyl as we were planning to reissue the track on vinyl. All the test pressings have now been sold to collectors.

Alfredo “Action” was produced specifically for Disco Magic UK. It would have never existed otherwise. When I first heard it, I thought the intro of the Piano Mix was perhaps too long and almost edited it out!!! Luckily, I remembered what Lombardoni always said: “Just put the records out and let people decide”….

But I did change the title from the original “Touch Me” to “Action!”


“Action!” was not an instant hit: we only did one pressing of 500 copies and in the end quite a few of them were scrapped unsold. Its popularity grew steadily over the years and eventually it became the signature tune of Disco Magic UK. We reissued it on vinyl in 2018 in full, from the original master used to cut it in 1993 without any remastering or tampering. The DMWX series includes several other titles that have now become classics, like Ga.Va.Co., Monika, Piano Club, Cinzia Kay and Maya. Other titles were released only in limited quantities as test pressings and never had a full release; only 25 copies of Electric Choc “Move Your Body Now” were pressed at the time. For those, we introduced a special “Test Pressing” red label with a new variant of the Disco Magic UK logo All these titles, like the ones in the “Italian and UK Producers” chapter, are still part of our current catalogue. Some have been reissued on vinyl and all the others on CD and remastered digital downloads.



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You can order the printed edition of the VINYL HISTORY book or the PDF digital edition from the Disco Magic UK webstore:

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