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When I started Disco Magic UK, the catalogue number for our first series was a straight forward choice: I decided on the letters D and M (for Disco Magic) and added an X because my label High Density Records had X too (HDX). So it was…DMX.

At first, from DMX 001 to DMX 013, the choice of releases was agreed together between Lombardoni, myself and a couple of other people in A&R at Discomagic Italy. I did not know their catalogue well enough yet or what direction I was going to take the label. Later, I travelled to Italy every month to go through their archive for the classics.

Lombardoni however, knew instinctively what could work and the first two releases that he suggested were DMX 003 and DMX 004, Lee Marrow “Do You Want Me” and Olympia “Come On, Come On” which had sold really well on import in the UK. I had no reason to doubt him and so we did 12 test pressings of each, with a white label on one side and the new Disco Magic UK generic label on the other (which I designed).
It would have been an amazing start, as those two tunes are of course now considered among the greatest anthems of Italian Piano House.

The mistake I made was to give those test pressing to dealers IN LONDON, who had no idea what those tunes were and said they were not “trendy” enough…so their release was scrapped!!!

Lombardoni also suggested a new record he had just released called “Rhythm of the Night” by Corona. He sent me 25 copies of the Italian pressing which I promoted to the London dealers and again they brushed us off!

The first few releases then were aimed more at the “southern” market but we got lucky with DMX 007, II Example’s “Just Can’t Help Me”, which was then licensed to a UK label and brought in some much needed cash from the advances. It also featured on several TV-advertised compilations and gave Disco Magic UK exposure.

We started getting ‘phone calls from Northern shops and feedback from the northern van sales suggesting which tracks we could reissue at UK price and from DMX 015 and DMX 016 I took full control of what to press.

Those two titles were Electric Choc “Shock the Beat” and Double F.M. “Amnesia”.


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You can order the printed edition of Vinyl History book or the PDF digital edition from the Disco Magic UK webstore:

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