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By 1995, Disco Magic UK had released over 100 titles and was an established name.

Several labels in Italy were asking us to distribute their catalogues in the UK because of the prestige of having UK distribution. This was not only for the sake of vanity… By showing that they had UK distribution, labels could attract better producers and better tracks.


The first label we signed up was Time Records with their “Italian Style” imprint. They were already massive all over Europe and had licensed a number of tracks to majors in the UK already in the past.

Since Time/Italian Style was distributed by Discomagic in Italy, all their metalwork was at Astro Record, making it relatively cheap for us to manufacture. I designed a new label and sleeve in metallic silver, which I thought looked quite smart, although some of the releases like Jinny “Keep Warm” were in black.

We started out with Pierre Feroldi “Moving Now” and released six titles + one album with catalogue numbers starting with DISK.

Later on at the label’s request, we switched to the name “Italian Style UK” and catalogue numbers starting with ISX. These releases had their own dedicated sleeve, again with a silver colour scheme. We did three titles and then left it at that.


We did a special project for the record store Loading Bay Records, where they ordered a job lot of 300 copies of a double-A side vinyl with Kate’s Project “Wuthering Heights” and Ketty DB “Sleeping Satellites”. We manufactured it for them with the label name as “Eurowave Records” EWX 161. As soon as they arrived from Italy we shipped them off to Loading Bay and only had about 30 copies left.

We did two UK releases for a small Italian label, Vera Jones “The Right Hole” and Stage 909 “We Can Make It”, in limited quantities and reissued Pascha “Cuento Andino” for Todesco & Bonzanni.

We distributed five other labels between 1995 and 1996, one of them called “Pure Trance” had some interesting and atmospheric tunes and really nice A-side labels. Although sales were modest, one of those releases is now much sought after, MK02 Major Hypnotic Key Institute.

Another distributed Italian Trance label was “Virtal Trance”. I made special sleeves and labels for them and we did three releases in all. The first one, Roland Brand “Nuclear Sun”, had been a big hit across Europe but didn’t do anything in UK.

Next was InProgress, which was not with Discomagic in Italy but Lombardoni was trying to get them to switch distribution to him. He asked me as a favour if I could put out two of their records over here and I accepted. After all, the tracks on those two vinyls had been hits in Europe and the artist Prezioso was a big name. In this case, Lombardoni paid for the pressing and after I received the vinyl, we sent almost all of them back to Italy to be sold by Discomagic Italy as import. The label later had a chart-topping UK hit in 1998 with Eiffel 65 “Blue”.

We did two releases for 6th Floor Records which, again were then shipped back to Italy as imports and two for WildFlower Records including our only 10” vinyl.

All these releases did not feature the name Disco Magic UK prominently, or di not feature it at all. In some cases we used the name Eurowave instead. Since the style of music was somewhat different from our usual releases, we did not want to confuse our fans, while at the same time we were trying to expand our range of repertoire.

Eurowave is the name we used to indicate the distribution division of Disco Magic UK.

Eurowave is now a separate company lloking after our digital distribution.



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You can order the printed edition of the VINYL HISTORY book or the PDF digital edition from the Disco Magic UK webstore:


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