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The GOLD series included some of the most sought-after import releases, now made available at UK prices.

Feedback from record stores allowed us to dig out those tunes that were already dancefloor Piano House classics but were extremely rare to find. This included A.S.H.A. “JJ Tribute” among many others.

With this series, DJs and fans could get their needles onto classics such as System “Don’t Stop”, M.C.P. “Over Me”, People in Town “Read My Lips”, Jam Jam “Everybody”, S-Bam “Take Me Away Now”, G & VJ “Gonna Get the Boy” and many more.

The series included the Italian pressing of Indie “Apollonia”, a year after we run out of the DMX 501 pressing.

Some of the labels were gold with black writing while others had black labels with metallic gold writing. The factory had warned us that metallic gold on black was not going to work and the writing would rub off, but we decided to go ahead anyway…that’s why the labels on DMGX 909 and DMGX 914 look so faded & “vintage”!

The gold sleeves were disco sleeves while the black sleeves were album style with side-cut and inner paper bag.

There were 12 releases in all including two pressings of DMGX 909 (see further down) and DMGX 999, a special edition of A.S.H.A. “JJ Tribute” which featured the original mix, the two UK remixes from DMXL 701 and the Pianoman remix from PCX 001, pressed in the UK by CBA.

500 copies were made and mailed out for free as promos for a planned major UK release through Pinnacle. In the end, due to a variety of reasons, we dropped the project.


By the middle of 1993, the title that all shops and fans were unanimously begging us to reissue was “JJ Tribute”. It was not a Discomagic Italy record and was originally released in 1990 by another label.

There was a repress for the UK in 1991 but it had now become very scarce and was widely bootlegged with poor quality vinyl rips.

With the help of Lombardoni, I negotiated the UK licence for it, signed a heads of agreement note and got the DAT master. The advance was £2,000 in cash, which I deposited in Lombardoni’s safe with instructions to pass it on to the rights holder on receipt of a full contract (this had been Lombardoni’s suggestion).

This time, instead of manufacturing in England I decided to have it cut in Italy and manufactured at Astro Record. We ordered the first 500 copies with black labels and metallic gold printing (against the advice of the factory,).

We received them about 10 days later and were immediately sold out. I did not even have a chance to listen to it! Of course this is the version where the cutting place missed out the first 1/2 second of the song…

We immediately had the A-side re-cut with the accapella added at the end but before pressing more copies I asked for a dozen copies of the new A-side (matrix DMGX 909 A BIS) on a single-sided test pressing. This time the cut was fine so we went ahead and pressed a few more…quite a few!


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You can order the printed edition of the VINYL HISTORY book or the PDF digital edition from the Disco Magic UK webstore:


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