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Roland Radaelli is a record producer, music business executive and academic with over 40 years of experience in the music industry as well as 20 years as a university lecturer.

Roland originally came to the UK from Italy to play in a Rock band but always had an interest in recording and production

In the late 80s, he opened a commercial recording studio near Barbican tube station called Club Studios while at the same time freelancing as engineer at Hollywood Studios in Clapton and the newly built DMC studios in Slough.

Many of the tracks he produced in his studio were licensed to UK and European labels, among them Discomagic in Italy.

In 1992 Roland founded Disco Magic UK, now in its 30th year.

After being awarded a BA in Commercial Music by the University of Westminster, he founded the Music Management & Studio Production BA course at Buckinghamshire New University, a course he run for 15 years until 2017, when he decided to return to full-time music production and revamp Disco Magic UK.

Since 2018 Roland has added to the label’s catalogue with 20 vinyl releases and reissues such as the classic “Action!” by Alfredo as well as 25 CD album and single releases and over 200 digital remasters from the label’s back catalogue.

Roland produces dance music with original early 90s equipment under the name of Dance Music Unplugged.


Chocolate Films has produced a documentary about Roland and Disco Magic UK.

You can watch it here:

Visit Roland’s DANCE MUSIC UNPLUGGED website:

Find Roland’s vinyl, CD and download releases here:

Some of the equipment used in Roland’s productions:


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